Top 3 Things To Do

Top 3 Things To Do

“It takes 21days to form a Habit”

South African has officially Lockdown

The Top 3 Things To Do 1/21


Denga mabuda blog

Interact with people that are doing what you do and exchange information. You can also participate in social media activities and stay in touch with friends and family members who live in the area you at by texting and calling them.

Get rid of bad habits.

We all have that one or two habits that we’ve been wanting to quit, but it seem impossible hence we kept on procrastinating for a while now. But this is the time to quite and form good habits.

Make a wishlist of your life after Lockdown

Denga mabuda blog

Write down a list of your desires and paste them on a wall where you will see it every day for 21days  as It will give you the inspiration and motivation you need.

Comment below with what you will be doing today 1/26 and what you you plan to do tomorrow


  1. Munyai Funanani

    Definitely.. Working on stuff that we’ve been procrastinating it’s on top. And completing project that I’ve been longing. This is the perfect time with no distraction. I definitely agree and to evaluate your circle. Keep people who bring success and positive things in your life and people who usually will tell you the truth. No matter how harsh it is. Just make a success out of this lockdown

  2. Allaso

    I feel like this is the time where one can do self introspection and see what exactly they want to do in life not only via their goals and dreams but in everything in your life

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