The Internet Writer

The Internet Writer

Kwazinkosi Ndlovu known as THE INTERNET WRITER is a South African Writer, Author, and a blogger. He is a avid reader, film and television nerd, and a lifelong hip hop head.

His writing influences consists of writers that span across varying industries, such as the likes of great authors as Charles Bukowski and JK Rowling to the legendary rappers like Eminem and J.Cole. Including great scriptwriters as Quintin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and Masashi Kishimoto.

Kwazinkosi Ndlovu studied the art of writing in all its creative fields and incorporated them into his own writing style to create a brand new way of telling original South African stories. It is evident that he may rebel from the established literature rules from time to time as his stories remain a perfect combination of direct storytelling, amazing dialogue, and mind-blowing plot. He started writing after his former church elder asked him what he was talented at and what he was passionate about. He responded by saying “writing” however he had no real passion for it at that time. That night he sat down and began to write a short piece about life out of curiosity.

After he started writing he continued to grow his skills by writing various short pieces as a hobby and handing them over to his friend for reviews and feedback.It wasn’t long before his hobby became his passion and he fell inlove with the art of writing. The more he wrote the more he fell inlove with the craft, until it became both his talent and passion.

Kwazinkosi Ndlovu’s friends encouraged him to write more as they loved the content and he never looked back since! In a space of three years he has written three blogs (Don’t Go to Uni, Nice Guys Finish Last, Isoka Lamanyala), two novellas (Beautiful Mess and Love, Heartbreat & Vibes) and he recently published his first novel ( The Coven: Blood of Sitayi).

His stories includes different genders and story lines that are relatable to South Africans. You do not only find yourself deeply pulled into the story plots but you also fall inlove with each and every single character he writes about.

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