Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3

Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3

POLAROID has recently launched a 2×3 Hi-Print. The Polaroid HiPrint is a pocket photo printer that prints photos using the dye-sublimation technology.

5 Benefits Of Using The Polaroid Hi-Print

1. It's portable
2. Easy to use/function
3. Chargeable
4. Only requires Bluetooth to print 
5. It prints your photo immediately 

I’ve printed a few of my pictures and I’m loving them! I’m making use of the Polaroid Hi-Print Printer to create memories and create content

The Polaroid HiPrint printer includes a box that has 2 cartridges with 20 photo paper sheets. The Polaroid Hi-Print printer will be available at hi stores nation-wide from the first week of November 2020