Matric, Business, Unemployment Solutions

Matric, Business, Unemployment Solutions

Life after matric has been a dream that I had to wake up to, the beginning of the year when I received my matric results. However living in that dream never seemed to be great like it should be, trust me it was draining! I had to weigh my options, which course I want to study? Which university do i want to go to? Who will fund my studies? Where will I Stay? where can I start? I had to keep moving!

A recent graduate in Metallurgy and an entrepreneur, Mpho Darlene Fernandez mentioned that Life without matric needs a lot of responsibility! “you are now responsible for your future, the choices you make will impact your future one way or another. Starting from the choice of whether you going to college or not. For those who are fortunate enough to go to college make sure you choose the career you want because doing what other people want will affect you”. she said

“You might not see it now but after your degree or after you’ve worked for some time you’ll feel that you’ve lost yourself and you didn’t even realize it. For those who are not fortunate enough to go to college due to several reasons. You need to know that it’s not the end. You can still do something about your situation. You can get a job and make a living rather than sitting around because that will make you lose yourself without realizing it too” she added

Mpho shared how one can find their purpose, ” you can always ask yourself the following questions, what did I want In the first place before I got here?. Where do I see myself in the next 5-10years? What can I do to change the situation that I am at? During your process of finding yourself don’t compare yourself with your friend or anyone because you’ll make decisions based on what they have”

Here are my top 3 reasons why I started a business.

  • 1. Income, businesses often generate income from sales.
  • 2. Flexible Hours, although being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibility, one might work long hours but the best thing is you get to work at your own pace.
  • 3. Being my own boss, the freedom of not having to report to anyone is priceless.
  • Most importantly starting a business reduces unemployment.

The following are Job Search Websites


comment below with other websites not mentioned above and help someone get employed.


  1. Munyai Funanani

    Indeed spot on article.. It’s very important to always reflect in the midst of purpuising the journey of tertiary life, cause we tend to get lost at times. We always need to prioritize our our goals and position our goals and ourselves to be in the same alignment

    And students need to learn to hustle from beginning of their tertiary phase they must know that we live beyond salary, we need to start our own organizations

  2. Lucia

    Singular focus will not get anyone anywhere at this day and age. Even those who get the chance to go to college must ensure that they have alternative ways to make money. Having a qualification does not guarantee employment these days…

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