Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your picture. You can install the presets into your lightroom app and thereafter click on a particular preset you downloaded or bought, the preset settings will apply to that picture.

After editing using the lightroom presets

Below is a “how to guide” to get the Lightroom preset.

1. Download the lightroom app from your Istore/playstore

2. Search for “lightroom presets” on youtube

(Makesure you have GOOGLE Dropbox App installed on your mobile phone)

For some YouTube videos you will be required to watch the whole video to get the password to unlock the preset.

3. Export the preset to Lightroom App

4. Edit your picture!

I’ll share my favorite preset settings on my next articles.

Comment below with your favorite editing apps.
You can also drop your questions in the comment section.


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