3 Things to do if on Valentine’s Day you are SINGLE.

3 Things to do if on Valentine’s Day you are SINGLE.

1. Appreciate your romantic relationship status.
You are single!
And the good part is you have yourself.
2. Treat Yourself.
Buy yourself something nice or an item that will be memorable.
3.A singles day party.
Invite all your single friends to your house, plan activities that will be suitable for everyone and have fun.

Dont Forget to take pictures and post it on social media like those with partners will do


  1. Munyai Funanani

    Well indeed what mentioned above says a lot, it’s all about self worth, as a human being, you need to have fun with yourself before any other person. So indeed all three mentioned above are correct. But for me personally since it’s Friday. I’ve got to treat myself (that’s all I can say)

  2. Godfry Thabo Mashiloane

    Wow True Dear….. that’s da best three……….on my side I’ll be watching a funny movie, enjoying some stand-up comedy and laugh alone😅, Treat myself with cheap and healthy snack like natural popcorn or yogurt mixed with berries and dark chocolate. 

  3. Magret

    I know I’m late but Valentine’s day was the best, I had the best time of my life… I spent the day alone, bought a few snacks and chilled in my room the whole day watching my favorite movie…

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